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HOW TO: Load A Price Gun Roll

  1. Open the base plate by sliding the two plastic grips, one on each side of the body of the machine, towards you. The base plate will fall open automatically.
  2. Open the label roll holder by pulling it upwards slightly. Unroll approximately 20 cm of label roll and insert it into the top of the machine, guiding the strip gently until it comes out of the bottom. Insert the label roll into the roll holder and close it. Make sure the labels are facing up.
  3. Before closing the base plate, make sure to leave free at least 20 cm of the label roll.
  4. Insert the loose end of the label roll into the slot behind the roller and push it slightly. Then pull the handle until you see that the labels are correctly feeding.
How To Load A Price Gun Roll

VIDEO: How To Load A Price Gun Roll

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